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Previous Congresses

XXV FIDE Congress

Tallinn 2012


  • The Protection of Fundamental Rights Post-Lisbon: The Interaction between the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights and National Constitutions
  • The Interface between European Union Energy, Environmental and Competition Law
  • The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Including Information Society Issues

XIV FIDE Congress

Madrid 2010


  • Public Capital and Private Capital in the European Union
  • The Role of National Parliaments within the European Union
  • The Judicial Application of EC Competition Rules


Linz 2008


  • Preparing the European Union for the Future?-Necessary Revisions of Primary Law after the non-ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
  • The Modernisation of the European Competition Law
  • The new Services Directive of the European Union – Hopes and Expectations from the Angle of a (Further) Completion of the Internal Market

XXII FIDE Congress

Limassol 2006


  • Direct Tax Rules and the EU Fundamental Freedoms: Origin and Scope of the Problem
  • State Aid: the Effective Application of EU State Aid Procedures: From a Plan to Grant Aid to the Recovery of Illegal Aid – the Role of National Law and Practice
  • The New Services Directive of the European Union – Hopes and Expectations from the Angle of a (Further) Completion of the Internal Market

XXI FIDE Congress

Dublin 2004


  • Criminal Law in the European Union: a Giant Leap or Small Step?
  • European Union Competition Law and Policy: the Reform of Competition Law Enforcement – will it work?
  • European Union and Member State Migration and Asylum Law

XX FIDE Congress

London 2002


  • European Law and National Constitutions
  • Financial Services in the Era of the Euro and E-commence: Does Home Control Work?
  • Cross Border Mergers in Company Law and Competition Law: Removing the Final Barriers

XIX FIDE Congress

Helsinki 2000


  • The Duties of Co-operation of National Authorities and Courts and the Community Institutions under art. 10 (art. 5) of the Treaty of Rome
  • Community Law (including Competition Rules) Affecting Networks (Telecom, Energy and Information Technology)
  • Legal Consequences of the Single Currency


Stockholm 1998


  • Community Directives: Effects, Efficiency, Justiciability
  • National Application of Community Competition Law
  • The Citizen, the Administration and Community Law

XVII FIDE Congress

Berlin 1996


  • National Constitutional Law vis-a-vis European Integration
  • Energy and Environmental Protection in a European Perspective
  • Procedures and Sanctions in Economic Administrative Law

XVI FIDE Congress

Rome 1994


  • The Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Competition Law Implications of Deregulation and Privatisation

XV FIDE Congress

Lisbon 1992


  • The Provision of Financial Services within the EEC and to Third Countries
  • The Sanctions for Infringing Community Law
  • New Aspects of the Free Movement of Persons: towards a European Citizenship

XIV FIDE Congress

Madrid 1990


  • Application, in the Member States, of Directives to the Public Sectors
  • Fiscal Harmonisation: the Challenge of 1993
  • The Control of Concentrations of Undertakings

XIII FIDE Congress

Thessalonica 1988


  • Legal Aspects of Community Action in the Domain of Culture
  • The Effects of Community Law on National Labour Laws
  • Community Law and Civil Aviation

XII FIDE Congress

Paris 1986


  • General Principles Common to the Laws of the Member States as a Source of Community Law. Interaction between Community Law and National Law
  • Community Aids, National Aids and Antidumping Measures
  • The Freedom to Provide Services and the Right of Establishment, in Particular as Regards Insurance Companies and Banks

X FIDE Congress

Dublin 1982


  • Consumer Protection
  • The Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (with Particular Reference to Industrial Property Law and Copyrights)
  • The Scope and Nature of the Powers of the European Communities in the Domain of External Relations

IX FIDE Congress

London 1980


  • The Different National Techniques for the Legal Protection against Violations of Community Law
    a. by National Authorities
    b. by Individuals
  • Investor Protection by Controlling Stock Markets, through Legislation on the Accountancy of Companies and by Other Means
  • The Possibilities of Conflict between the Community Institutions in their Application of Community Law

VIII FIDE Congress

Copenhagen 1978


  • Equal Treatment of Public and Private Undertakings
  • Fundamental Safeguards in the Administrative Procedure

VII FIDE Congress

Brussels 1975


  • Fundamental Rights
  • The Economic Policy of the Community and the Member States, and the Rights of Undertakings
  • The Participation of Citizens in the Decision Making Process at a Community Level

VI FIDE Congress

Luxembourg 1973


European Case Law after Twenty Years of Experience of Community Law:

  • the General Problems of Integration
  • the Creation of a European Economic Order
  • the Free Movement of Persons within the Community and Social Questions

V FIDE Congress

Berlin 1970


Cooperation between the Community Legal Order and the National Legal Orders:

  • in the Sector of Agriculture
  • in the Doman of Competition
  • as regards Energy

IV FIDE Congress

Rome 1968


  • Similarities and Differences between Community Law and Classic International Law

III FIDE Congress

Paris 1965


  • Measures to Ensure the Introduction of Community Law into the National Legal Systems
  • Harmonisation of Company Laws

II FIDE Congress

The Hague 1963


  • Does the Ignorance of Community Rules Directly Applicable to Undertakings Create a Right to Civil Redress by Means of Damage?

I FIDE Congress

Brussels 1961


  • Company Mergers
  • Anti-Trust Laws
  • Sales with Promotional Free Gifts