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FIDE Congresses


FIDE’s most important activity consists in the organisation of biennial FIDE Congresses and the related publications. These congresses are by many considered to be among the most significant and reputable conferences on EU law, bringing together great minds in the area.

The unique FIDE Congresses typically attract approximately 500 participants from all over Europe and beyond. Here, prominent and internationally acknowledged representatives from the academic world meet with judges and advocates general from the Court of Justice of the EU, as well as leading personalities from the General Court of the EU, national supreme courts and other courts, officials from the Commission, the Council, Parliament, national ministries, as well as practicing lawyers. Over several days of intense legal discussions and debates, what could be called the elite of EU law exchange ideas and visions for the development of EU law.

FIDE Congresses are also a perfect occasion to exchange views and expertise on EU law and the different national experiences between the various generations of participants outside the Conference sessions in the ancillary gathering events, such as receptions, cultural events, formal dinners and excursions for participants and their spouses.

XXXI FIDE Congress

Katowice 2025

The Polish Association for European Law (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Prawa Europejskiego, PSPE) acts in its capacity as FIDE Presidency since 3 June 2023 and is organising the next FIDE Congress, which will take place in Katowice, Poland, from 28 to 31 May 2025.

In this endeavour, we are joined by the two co-hosts of the event, the city of Katowice and the University of Silesia.

Previous Congresses

XXX Fide Congress - Sofia 2023

Topics :

  • Topic I - Mutual Trust, Mutual Recognition and the Rule of Law
  • Topic II - The New Geopolitical Dimension of the EU Competition and Trade Policies 
  • Topic III - European Social Union

XXIX FIDE Congress - The Hague 2021


  • National Courts and the Enforcement of EU Law
  • The New EU Data Protection Regime
  • EU Competition Law and the Digital Economy

XXVIII FIDE Congress - Estoril 2018


  • The internal market and the digital economy
  • Taxation, State aid and distortions of competition
  • The external dimension of the EU policies: horizontal issues; trade and investment; immigration and asylum

Patron: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa President of the Portuguese Republic



XXVII FIDE Congress - Budapest 2016


  • European Banking Union 
  • Private Enforcement and Collective Redress in European Competition Law
  • Division of Competences and Regulatory Powers Between the EU and the Member States

Patron: János Áder President of the Republic of Hungary

XXVI FIDE Congress - Copenhagen 2014


  • The Economic and Monetary Union: Constitutional and Institutional Aspects of the Economic overnance within the EU
  • Union Citizenship: Development, Impact and Challenges
  • Public Procurement Law: Limitations, Opportunities and Paradoxes

Patron: The Danish Crown Prince

XXV FIDE Congress - Tallinn 2012


  • The Protection of Fundamental Rights Post-Lisbon: The Interaction between the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights and National Constitutions
  • The Interface between European Union Energy, Environmental and Competition Law
  • The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Including Information Society Issues

XIV FIDE Congress - Madrid 2010


  • Public Capital and Private Capital in the European Union
  • The Role of National Parliaments within the European Union
  • The Judicial Application of EC Competition Rules

XXIII FIDE Congress - Linz 2008


  • Preparing the European Union for the Future?-Necessary Revisions of Primary Law after the non-ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
  • The Modernisation of the European Competition Law
  • The new Services Directive of the European Union – Hopes and Expectations from the Angle of a (Further) Completion of the Internal Market

XXII FIDE Congress - Limassol 2006


  • Direct Tax Rules and the EU Fundamental Freedoms: Origin and Scope of the Problem
  • State Aid: the Effective Application of EU State Aid Procedures: From a Plan to Grant Aid to the Recovery of Illegal Aid – the Role of National Law and Practice
  • The New Services Directive of the European Union – Hopes and Expectations from the Angle of a (Further) Completion of the Internal Market

XXI FIDE Congress - Dublin 2004


  • Criminal Law in the European Union: a Giant Leap or Small Step?
  • European Union Competition Law and Policy: the Reform of Competition Law Enforcement – will it work?
  • European Union and Member State Migration and Asylum Law

XX FIDE Congress - London 2002


  • European Law and National Constitutions
  • Financial Services in the Era of the Euro and E-commence: Does Home Control Work?
  • Cross Border Mergers in Company Law and Competition Law: Removing the Final Barriers

XIX FIDE Congress - Helsinki 2000


  • The Duties of Co-operation of National Authorities and Courts and the Community Institutions under art. 10 (art. 5) of the Treaty of Rome
  • Community Law (including Competition Rules) Affecting Networks (Telecom, Energy and Information Technology)
  • Legal Consequences of the Single Currency

XVIII FIDE Congress - Stockholm 1998


  • Community Directives: Effects, Efficiency, Justiciability
  • National Application of Community Competition Law
  • The Citizen, the Administration and Community Law

XVII FIDE Congress - Berlin 1996


  • National Constitutional Law vis-a-vis European Integration
  • Energy and Environmental Protection in a European Perspective
  • Procedures and Sanctions in Economic Administrative Law

XVI FIDE Congress - Rome 1994


  • The Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Competition Law Implications of Deregulation and Privatisation

XV FIDE Congress - Lisbon 1992


  • The Provision of Financial Services within the EEC and to Third Countries
  • The Sanctions for Infringing Community Law
  • New Aspects of the Free Movement of Persons: towards a European Citizenship

XIV FIDE Congress - Madrid 1990


  • Application, in the Member States, of Directives to the Public Sectors
  • Fiscal Harmonisation: the Challenge of 1993
  • The Control of Concentrations of Undertakings

XIII FIDE Congress - Thessalonica 1988


  • Legal Aspects of Community Action in the Domain of Culture
  • The Effects of Community Law on National Labour Laws
  • Community Law and Civil Aviation

XII FIDE Congress - Paris 1986


  • General Principles Common to the Laws of the Member States as a Source of Community Law. Interaction between Community Law and National Law
  • Community Aids, National Aids and Antidumping Measures
  • The Freedom to Provide Services and the Right of Establishment, in Particular as Regards Insurance Companies and Banks

XI FIDE Congress - The Hague 1984


  • Europe and the Media
  • The Principle of Equal Treatment in Economic Law

X FIDE Congress - Dublin 1982


  • Consumer Protection
  • The Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (with Particular Reference to Industrial Property Law and Copyrights)
  • The Scope and Nature of the Powers of the European Communities in the Domain of External Relations

IX FIDE Congress - London 1980


  • The Different National Techniques for the Legal Protection against Violations of Community Law
    a. by National Authorities
    b. by Individuals
  • Investor Protection by Controlling Stock Markets, through Legislation on the Accountancy of Companies and by Other Means
  • The Possibilities of Conflict between the Community Institutions in their Application of Community Law

VIII FIDE Congress - Copenhagen 1978


  • Equal Treatment of Public and Private Undertakings
  • Fundamental Safeguards in the Administrative Procedure

VII FIDE Congress - Brussels 1975


  • Fundamental Rights
  • The Economic Policy of the Community and the Member States, and the Rights of Undertakings
  • The Participation of Citizens in the Decision Making Process at a Community Level

VI FIDE Congress - Luxembourg 1973


European Case Law after Twenty Years of Experience of Community Law:

  • the General Problems of Integration
  • the Creation of a European Economic Order
  • the Free Movement of Persons within the Community and Social Questions

V FIDE Congress - Berlin 1970


Cooperation between the Community Legal Order and the National Legal Orders:

  • in the Sector of Agriculture
  • in the Doman of Competition
  • as regards Energy

IV FIDE Congress - Rome 1968


  • Similarities and Differences between Community Law and Classic International Law

III FIDE Congress - Paris 1965


  • Measures to Ensure the Introduction of Community Law into the National Legal Systems
  • Harmonisation of Company Laws

II FIDE Congress - The Hague 1963


  • Does the Ignorance of Community Rules Directly Applicable to Undertakings Create a Right to Civil Redress by Means of Damage?

I FIDE Congress - Brussels 1961


  • Company Mergers
  • Anti-Trust Laws
  • Sales with Promotional Free Gifts