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Mitteilung der Präsidentin

Corinna Wissels – FIDE Präsidentin von 2018 bis 2020

The Netherlands Association for European Law (NVER), one of the founding members of FIDE, had the honour of organising the FIDE congress in the Netherlands twice, in 1963 and 1984. NVER is currently presiding FIDE again. In this capacity it will host the XXIX FIDE congress in The Hague from 12 to 15 May 2021. NVER is proud to welcome over 450 specialists in EU law in The Hague for the XXIX edition of this 'classic' of EU law.

During three days, leading experts and talented young lawyers will engage in high level debate and discuss the state of EU law on both European and national level. The main topics of the XXIX FIDE Congress have been carefully chosen to provide for fruitful and in depth discussions on very important issues of EU law, which cover important challenges of the European society and economy as well:

Topic 1: National Courts and the Enforcement of EU Law – the pivotal role of national courts in the EU legal order

Topic 2: The new EU Data Protection Regime – setting global standards for the right to personal data protection

Topic 3: EU competition law and the digital economy – protecting free and fair competition in an age of technological (r)evolution

Brexit, current tensions in international relations, whether political or military, huge environmental questions and the migration crises continue to demand answers and solutions from a united Europe. We will ensure that these topics will be addressed during the congress, bringing together different perspectives on these current issues affecting the European Union. European law is made by Europeans, lived by Europeans and of course, discussed by Europeans. Our ambition for FIDE 2020 is to build upon the past and look forward to the future by encouraging the new generations of EU lawyers.

The Hague is not only the international city of peace and justice, but also a cozy city of parks, beaches and terraces. There will be ample opportunity to meet with colleagues in an informal setting.

We look forward to making you and your fellow European lawyers at home in spring 2021!

With warm regards, on behalf of the FIDE organising committee,

Corinna Wissels

Präsidentin von FIDE 2018 bis 2020 und Präsidentin der NVER

State councillor / Member of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Dutch Council of State